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कर्नाटक , बेल्लारी , भुजंगानगर - BGT AG Church का पिनकोड है 583119

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पिन कोड583119
नामBhujanganagar B.O-भुजंगानगर
स्थितिBranch Office(Delivery)-शाखा-कार्यालय (वितरण)
मुख्य कार्यालयBellary H.O
उप कार्यालयSandur S.O
स्थानSandur Taluk of Bellary District
टेलीफ़ोन नंबर8105425875
विभाग की जानकारीBellary Division North Karnataka Region Karnataka Circle
पताBhujanga Nagar Bus Stop, Karnataka 583119, India
भारतीय पोस्टल कोड सिस्टम छह अंकों से मिलकर बनता है। पहले अंक राज्य का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं, दूसरे दो अंक जिले का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं और तीसरा दो अंक पोस्ट ऑफिस का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है। इस मामले में पहले दो अंक 58 राज्य कर्नाटक का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं, दूसरे दो अंक 31 जिला बेल्लारी का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं, और अंत में। 19 डाकघर Bhujanganagar B.O का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है इस प्रकार कर्नाटक , बेल्लारी , भुजंगानगर का पिन कोड 583119 है

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Bellary Info

Bellary is a historic city in Ballari district in Karnataka state, India. It is 306 kilometres from Bangalore,the state capital.


There are several legends explaining how Ballari got its name. The first is that a few devout travelling merchants halting in Ballari, could not find a Shiva Linga for their worship. They then installed a balla (a measuring cup or seru used to measure grain) upside down as a Shiva Linga and worshiped it. Eventually, that place was turned into a temple dedicated to Balleshwara or Shiva, which became distorted to Malleshwara', and thus Ballari derives its name from this temple.

The second legend is that the city is named after Indra, the king of Gods, who slew a Rakshasa (demon) named Balla who lived nearby. Balla-ari means 'enemy of Balla' (ari – enemy in Sanskrit). The third legend derives the city's name from the old Kannada word Vallari<More Info


Tomato, Bellary onion prices go up2021-10-13
Heavy rain has damaged the crops in States of origin

Sale of onion through ‘Farm Fresh’ outlets begin2020-10-29
Sale of ‘Bellary’ onion for ₹ 45 a kg commenced in the Cooperation Department’s ‘Farm Fresh’ outlets here on Wednesday as the district received 10 to

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